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We welcome Patricia Walsh Chadwick for the 13th episode of Read The Bull. Host Stefan Prelog interviewed Chadwick about her new book, "Breaking Glass, Tales from the Witch of Wall Street." Patricia enjoyed a 30-year career in finance and held roles as a research analyst, portfolio manager, director of research, and investment strategist for places like Citicorp, the Ford Foundation and Invesco.

Patricia's career began in 1972 at a time where the majority of women in finance held administrative roles. She explains that she kept a long-held secret from her colleagues that only came to light when she published her memoir, "Little Sister" in 2019.

Patricia was forced to survive on her own, when at age 17 she was abruptly dismissed from the religious community that her and her family belonged to since she was six years old. The community had turned into a cult over time and Patricia never revealed anything about her upbringing in the community until she shared her book with her colleagues and friends.

She discusses how she navigated this strange, new world and built an impressive career after being cast out of the cult. Finding her way in the late 1960s, at a tumultuous time in our country, was challenging in its own right, but Patricia had the added challenge of being thrust out in a world where she had never seen a newspaper, never seen a movie, never went to a restaurant and didn't know any curse words.

Still, she was equipped with a stellar education thanks to her teacher and first mentor, Sister Ann Mary Cobb. She explains how she navigated the world in those early days and eventually landed a secretarial position at Ladenburg Thalmann.

She talks to Read The Bull host Stefan Prelog about those early days and details how she continued to gain experience and advance her investment management career, ultimately working her way up to a portfolio manager overseeing $6 billion dollars of client assets, including many of the largest and most well-known corporate pension funds, endowments, and foundations.

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