Episode 10 - Gregory Zuckerman

The 10th episode of Read The Bull is an in-depth conversation with WSJ's Gregory Zuckerman. Greg is an investigative reporter and a 27-year veteran of the paper who writes about business and investing topics. Greg's written six books to date, and he reveals the common thread in his books - breaking down complex topics and telling stories through the people.  Zuckerman reveals that behind all of his books are interesting characters who are the unexpected people behind a revolution - whether it's the small companies leading the charge to find a vaccine for COVID, the wildcatters extracting oil and natural gas buried in shale rock deep below the ground, a merger arbitrage specialist who unearths the greatest trade or the team of mathematicians who consistently beat the stock market. Greg talks about how he's able to get sources to talk, including the secretive and publicity-shy subjects of his books, including John Paulson and Jim Simons.