Episode 4: Gary Weiss

The fourth episode of Read the Bull is a fascinating conversation with investigative journalist and author Gary Weiss about his latest book "Retail Gangster:  The Insane, Real Life Story of Crazy Eddie."  The retail electronics chain started humbly in Brooklyn in 1971 with its roots in the Syrian Jewish community, but there was nothing humble about its eponymous owner Eddie Antar or its in-your-face advertising campaign led by spokesperson and former WPIX disc jockey Jerry Carroll. Antar guided an aggressive advertising strategy that plastered radio and television ads across the tri-state area. The non-stop ads made Crazy Eddie a household name and created a cult following. The company was so successful that it went public in 1984 and became an instant Wall Street darling as it exceed growth expectations quarter after quarter. Unfortunately for its investors, the whole company was built on lies, scams and a dizzying amount of fraud. This is a must-watch interview.