Welcome to Read The Bull

September 1, 2022
Welcome to Read The Bull

Welcome to Read The Bull, the first and only site dedicated to finance and investing books (I haven’t done the research so don’t hold me to that statement).  

Why did I start the site?

 The main reason I started the site is that there’s a scarcity of places to find information on finance and investing books, and that’s unfortunate. There’s a lot of passion for these books. I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen people post on Twitter asking for recommendations for books on hedge funds, trading or private equity. The responses are always numerous and spirited. I thought there should be a resource where people could find out about these books and get good content.


Why me? I’ve started my career in public relations by working with authors. My colleagues didn’t want to work on the business and finance books, opting to work on the cookbooks or celebrity-driven books. The first book I promoted was Robert Hagstrom’s Latticework. I’ve promoted hundreds of business and finance books since and I’ve had a great time doing it and it’s led me to a great career, but I realized that these books don’t often get the attention they deserve. Authors have had to deal with shrinking review sections and consolidation in the publishing industry. Getting a book published is hard enough, but promoting it has become more challenging. Promoting a book about investing or finance is infinitely more difficult unless you’re Michael Lewis. So this site is my attempt to change that. It may be an overly ambitious goal but if nothing else, it will be fun trying to get these books some attention. 

What can I find here?

You’ll find the Read The Bull podcast, an interview show where I talk to authors about the books they’ve written and find out how they got published. You’ll also find previews of upcoming books, details about book deals, book signings and talks. We have some other features in the works and will keep you posted on our progress.


I hope you enjoy the site. If you want to keep up on upcoming interviews, the latest titles, what’s happening in the industry, please sign up here. Tell me how I’m doing or let me know about a great book you’ve read or if you want to be on the show (AUTHOR SUBMISSION LINK).