Episode 11 - The Return of Jared Dillian

Jared Dillian returns to Read The Bull for a in-depth discussion of his latest book, "No Worries: How to Live a Stress Free Financial Life."  The personal finance book is turning the genre on its head and Jared doesn't hold back on some well-known authors in the category.

Jared Dillian was Read The Bull's first guest and he's back again in our latest episode. Jared's been busy since his first appearance - publishing not one, but two books - a book of essays titled "Those Bastards" and  a personal finance guide  - "No Worries: How to Live a Stress Free Financial Life."  

Jared tells Stefan Prelog he hosted a syndicated radio show where he fielded a lot of personal finance questions. He decided to dome some research on the genre and found that most of the books were crap. Jared explains that most personal finance books are gimmicky and focused on subtraction.  Think about the tired advice of not buying a daily coffee at Starbucks or cutting up all your credit cards.  He notes that these methods will work, but the mistake is that the focus is on depriving yourself. 

Jared wanted to write a practical book aimed at freeing people of financial stress. He starts by addressing  how to develop a healthy attitude with money and then focuses on two categories responsible for the bulk of financial stress - debt and risk. 

Jared strips down the jargon and walks Stefan through the biggest financial decisions a person will make - going to college, buying a car and buying a house.  Stefan confronts some of the bad financial decisions he's made in the past and debates Jared on some of his recent financial moves. 

Jared also explains his approach to fighting market volatility and he walks Stefan through his "Awesome PortfolIo," which is a collection of investments across different asset classes. 

You'll walk away from this conversation smarter and less stressed about money.